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Coarchy Services

Introduction to Software and Concepts Training
Train your team on the general concepts and overview of Coarchy in 2 hours.
- $200 total for 2 Hours
- Meet Virtually over Google Meet
- Go over each feature
- Generic demo data
Personalized Training
Train your team on how to gather requirements, and when to use Process Stories and Statements.
- $600 total for 4 Hours
- Meet Virtually over Google Meet
- Interactive Training
- Personalized High Level Process Creation
Support Monthly Contract
Comprehensive support package to ensure you are using Coarchy to its fullest potential.
- $750/month
- Priority email support
- Weekly 1 Hour Meeting
- Process story review and feedback
- Statements improvement
- Resolve issues
Business Analyst Consulting
Get a pair of expert Business Analysts to help you with your process documentation.
- $250/hour for 1 senior analyst and 1 analyst
- Minimum 10 hours